Protect you and your family against the financial burden of unforeseen injury and illness

Our medical, personal accident and critical illness health insurance plans can help manage potential medical costs, so that you can focus on living your best life.

Things to consider

Protect yourself from unforeseen medical expenses with our health insurance plans so that you can focus on recovery.


Flexibility in determining Insurance Area Coverage, room choices, and room price limits according to the plan chosen

Benefit Limits

Annual benefit limit up to IDR 70 billion according to the plan chosen (including PRUSolusi Sehat Limit Booster)

Traditional Treatment

Traditional Treatment Benefits include herbal medicines and are recommended by the previous treating doctor

Benefits of Telehealth

Benefits of Telehealth in Indonesia and Telehealth for Cancer Treatment in Malaysia and Singapore only at Prudential Syariah Partner Hospitals

Who needs international health insurance?

If you are an expatriate living and working in Indonesia, or you need private health cover in some countries, then you are best suited to use our international health insurance policy. We provide global health protection insurance for expatriate families and individuals, international citizens, remote workers at affordable premiums

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